About Sonya

Sonya Walker is a native of Dallas, Texas.  She is a woman full of purpose.   She was a hair/fashion/makeup artist for over 25 years.  Her heart is to show women that no matter where you come from or what you have done that you are still beautiful in the sight of the Lord! Sonya was called into ministry at the age of 24 and have been blessed to minister to countless of women.  For the greatest gift that you can give yourself is LOVE!

Essence of A Woman Ministry

The Essence of a Woman is designed to beautify women through the word of God.  Our mission is to encourage, empower, and inspire women while they are on their journey to wholeness and holiness.

The Beauty Lounge Boutique

The Beauty Lounge Boutique carries sizes for every woman from 2-24. Her vision is to empower women to be unapologetic about their unique sense of style and beauty.

........where beauty is a lifestyle

Welcome to Essance, LLC (pronounced essence) ministry/company is where we beautify women from the inside out! Our mission is to build, empower, and encourage women to become the woman/teen that she dreams of being! Essance, LLC was established in 1995 by Sonya Walker. Essance, LLC believes that having a positive self image/self perception whether positive or negative can have an impact on a woman's/teens life. Our purpose is to help build a positive self image.Let us bring out the essence in YOU!