Third Totti Kids Roma 10 Nike 2017 18 Black Shirt w1n0ExXtq Third Totti Kids Roma 10 Nike 2017 18 Black Shirt w1n0ExXtq

Third Totti Kids Roma 10 Nike 2017 18 Black Shirt w1n0ExXtq

Fulfillment is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. It's also the completion of something, like the fulfillment of a promise.

This word has two related meanings. In terms of emotions, fulfillment is a happy, contented feeling. Many people feel fulfillment from being a parent, having a great job, or graduating from school. People often feel fulfillment when something is completed, whether it's a goal or a dream or repair work that you've been waiting on. Which leads to the other meaning of fulfillment — the act of finishing or doing something that was promised.

Definitions of fulfillment

n the act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc)

self-fulfillment, self-realisation, self-realization
the fulfillment of your capacities
Type of:
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the act of bringing to completion or fruition

n a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires

Totti Shirt 18 Roma Nike 2017 10 Third Black Kids Synonyms:
Type of:
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the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire, need, or expectation

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Official Francesco Totti - Kids football shirt for the Roma team. This is the new Roma third shirt for the 2017 Serie A season which is manufactured by nike and is available in adult sizes S M L XL XXL XXXL and kids sizes small boys medium boys large boys XL boys. This Roma football shirt is black in colour and comes with Francesco Totti - Kids shirt printing on the jersey.